TECO Deceleration Motor

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TECO Deceleration Motor

TECO BF series parallel axis helical gear reducer

Common types are BF, BFA (foot mounting) (hollow shaft (B5), BFF BFAF (B5 flange mounted), flange mounted, hollow shaft), is the 4 series reducer one.
Product parameters:
Reducer specification: F37/F47/F57/F67/F77/F87/F97/F107/F127/F157
Power range: 0.12 to 200kW
Distance range: 200 ~ 18000N.m
Transmission ratio range: 5 ~ 372
Category: gear reducer
Gear type: helical gear
Hardness of tooth surface: hard tooth surface
Layout form: parallel axis

Product performance:
1. using modular design, can be changed according to customer requirements.
2., the reducer adopts involute planetary gear transmission, which makes rational use of internal and external meshing and power diffluence. Therefore, it has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, large transmission ratio, high efficiency, smooth operation, low noise and strong adaptability.
The 3. gear is carburized and quenched to obtain high hardness and wear-resistant surface. Gear grinding after heat treatment reduces noise and improves the efficiency and service life of the whole machine.
The 4. case adopts spheroidal graphite cast iron, which greatly improves the rigidity and aseismic property of the box.
The combination of 5. and BR series and BK series can get a larger speed ratio.
Application scope:
In the conveyor, mixer, extruder, crane walking mechanism, entertainment equipment and other industries have a wide range of applications.

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