Low Voltage Busway

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Low Voltage Busway

Product description

TECOBAR low voltage bus for power system 1kV development of die casting type bus, with safety and space saving characteristics, the design of the insulating material of copper (aluminum) conductor directly molded sealing, the insulating material for casting the mixture, and volcano rock minerals, good insulating properties and high mechanical strength performance, moisture-proof, easy to burn out and self extinguishing.

Conforming to IEC 60439-1, IEC 60439-2, IEC 61439, CNS 14286.

The purity of the conductor is up to 99.9% and the conductivity is up to 98%IACS

Daily overload of 20% and two hours

Protection grade: IP67 mechanical strength: IK10

Fire resistance: 750 centigrade /3hr (IEC60331-21) 840 C /30mins (CNS14286)

Short circuit current: maximum 120kA/s

Low electromagnetic wave

Insulation grade: Class B 130 C

Through accelerated aging test: 50 years

Maintenance free maintenance

Details of specific parameters or special requirements, please contact us

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