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Dongyuan electric machinery was founded in June 1956. It has been engaged in motor production at the beginning of the year. So far, it has entered the development field of heavy electric, household appliances, information, communications, electronics, key components, infrastructure, finance, investment and catering, etc., and is more involved in the Taiwan high speed railway plan.

The Dongyuan motor group has been distributed to tens of thousands of employees worldwide, and its business territory has expanded from Taiwan to Asia, and America and Europe have become one of the world-renowned world-class groups. In 2001, the total sales of Dongyuan group had reached NT $100 billion.

The Dongyuan group has a total of 30 domestic and foreign relations enterprises. In terms of international cooperation, Dong Yuan early in 1968, with the United States and Japan Yaskawa company singular electromechanical technology cooperation, then gradually establish business cooperation relationship with the United States, Japan, Sweden Ericsson Hitachi Westinghouse, MITSUBISHI, NEC, Deutsche Telekom, Germany''s SIEMENS and other international electronics, motor and communication group. In 2001, it received the authorization from OLED technology of Kodaly, and stepped into the optoelectronics industry, and obtained the National Health Insurance IC card project commissioned by the Health Bureau, and set up a card factory with the German G&D company to enter the smart card (Smart Card) industry. In terms of group investment, Dongyuan has been showing great ambition. Apart from electronics, motors and telecommunications, Dongyuan''s investment field has been spanning semiconductor, photoelectric and its key components, communication fixed network, network, software, infrastructure, circulation and catering. Wait。

In the past years of cultivation, Dongyuan electric machinery has moved from the field of heavy power and home appliances to a global high-tech enterprise. From the multi direction development of manufacturing, marketing and services, we have established an international brand TECO. In order to meet the arrival in twenty-first Century, and for the implementation of the East yuan for the pursuit of quality improvement commitment, TECO Corporation officially moved to Nankang Software Park, which not only symbolizes the TECO for technological transformation of the oath, hope that it can provide more Dongyuan more ideal working environment, so as to create more jobs the efficiency, so as to provide better services to customers.

TECO group will continue to invest and develop high-tech promising career in the traditional career will be towards the intelligent product development, to increase the added value of international strategic alliances will be more active, the construction of a larger pattern of diversification and competitiveness in the business world class brand. It is foreseeable that Dong Yuan entered the high-tech industry, with the original trade advantage, the future TECO group operating power will inevitably more dazzling.

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