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GGD low voltage switchgear

GGD AC low-voltage power distribution equipment for power plants, substations, industrial enterprises and other power users of AC 50Hz, rated voltage 380V, as the power distribution system of rated current to 2500A, lighting and power distribution equipment, power conversion, distribution and control in use. GGD low voltage switchgear is a new type of low-voltage distribution cabinet designed in accordance with the principles of safety, economy, reasonable and reliable. GGD low voltage switchgear conforms to IEC439 "low voltage switchgear and control equipment", GB7251 "low voltage switchgear" and other standards.

◇main features:

●The cabinet of GGD type AC low voltage switchgear adopts the form of general cabinet, and the frame is made by partial welding and assembling of 8MF cold-formed steel. The frame parts and special matching parts are supplied by the section steel production plant, so as to ensure the accuracy and quality of the cabinet.

● The parts of the general cabinet are designed according to the principle of module, and there are 20 modes of installation holes, and the common coefficient is high.

● When the GGD cabinet is designed, the heat dissipation in the operation of the cabinet is fully taken into account. Different number of slots scattered on both ends of the cabinet, the heat rises when the cabinet after heating, electrical components, is discharged through the slot, and the cold wind constantly from the bottom slot supplemented cabinet, the cabinet body bottom sealed to form a natural ventilation channel, achieve cooling purpose.

● The GGD cabinet in accordance with the modern industrial product shape design, using the golden ratio design method of the cabinet body and cut size of each part, the whole cabinet is beautiful, look.

● The cabinet door is connected with the frame with the movable hinge of the rotating shaft, which is convenient to install and disassemble. Have a mountain type rubber block the hem of the door, when the door between the door and the frame of the molding is the compression stroke of the door and the cabinet can prevent direct collision, but also improve the level of protection door.

● A plurality of soft copper wire is connected with the frame with a - electrical components of the instrument door. The installation parts in the cabinet are connected with the hobbing screw between the frame, and the whole cabinet consists of a complete grounding protection circuit.

● The cabinet protection grade is IP30, the cover can be removed during installation and adjustment for field bus, on top of the cabinet with four angle rings, used for lifting and loading.

◇technical parameter:

Serial number 



numerical value 


Rated working voltage




Rated insulation voltage




Rated frequency




The main busbar rated current




The main busbar rated short-time withstand current(1S)




Rated peak tolerance current




Rated impact tolerance voltage




Shell protection grade




Electrical gap


≥ 8


Creeping distance




Overvoltage category



Class of pollution




◇Product size:









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