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GCK low voltage switchgear

The GCK low voltage pumping switchgear is composed of two parts, the power distribution center (PC) cabinet and the motor control center (MCC). For power plants, substations, industrial and mining enterprises and other power users as AC 50/60Hz, maximum working voltage to the 690V power distribution system, the maximum working current to 4000A, as a power electric motor control and lighting distribution equipment distribution and distribution control for energy conversion. This product conforms to the IEC439 standard, and also accords with the national standard of GB7251 low voltage switchgear and control equipment. It has the advantages of high breaking capacity, good dynamic and thermal stability, advanced and reasonable structure, and practical electrical scheme. All kinds of scheme units are combined arbitrarily. A cabinet has more circuits to be accommodated, which saves area, beautiful appearance, high protection level, safety and reliability, and convenient maintenance.

◇main features:

● The switchgear cabinet is assembled with the assembly structure, the module hole is installed, the parts are versatile and the application is strong.

● The modulus of the height of the drawer is 200MM. It is divided into five dimensions, 1/2 unit, 1 unit, 1 and 1/2 unit, 2 unit and 3 unit. The rated current of the unit circuit is less than 400A.

● More than one unit of drawers change only in the height size, and the width and depth of the drawers are unchanged. The drawers of the same functional unit have good interchangeability.

● The upper - bus room, electric room front, rear and out cable rooms, each function room with steel plates or insulating board are mutually isolated, separated, clear and reliable, not because of the fault of a unit and the impact of the work of other units, the fault limits in the minimum range, to ensure safety.

● The connector of the same specification sheet structure with different number of pieces according to the current size of each import and export line.

● The flat arrangement of the bus bar makes the device have good dynamic and thermal stability, and can withstand the impact of the short circuit current of 80/176KA.

● * the same power distribution system can limit short-circuit current through the matching of current limiting reactors, stabilize the bus voltage at a certain value, and partially reduce the requirement for short circuit strength of components.

● The drawer unit has a sufficient number of two connectors to meet the demand for the number of contacts between the computer interface and the automatic control loop.


◇technical parameter:

Serial number 



numerical value 


Rated working voltage




Rated insulation voltage




Rated frequency




The main busbar rated current




The main busbar rated short-time withstand current(1S)




Rated peak tolerance current




Rated current of distribution bus




Rated short-time tolerance current of distribution bus(1S)




Peak tolerance current of distribution bus




Auxiliary circuit insulation voltage




Rated impact tolerance voltage




Shell protection grade




Electrical gap


≥ 10


Creeping distance




Overvoltage category (feeder cabinet / feeder)




Class of pollution




◇Product size:









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