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PLC Control monitoring system disk

PLC control system programmable logic controller, designed the electronic device is a digital computing operation of industrial production design, it uses a programmable memory, used in its internal storage procedures to perform the logic operation, sequence control, timing, counting and arithmetic operations such as user oriented instructions, and through digital or analog input / output control various types of machinery or production processes. The government has always tried to promote the industrial automation policy to promote the competitiveness of the domestic industry. In order to improve the quality of the product and reduce the cost, the automatic production equipment is used to replace the manual operation equipment.

◇Main Features:

●The modular structure has small occupancy, small power consumption and high cost performance。

●Rich I/O interface module, easy to expand。

●High reliability and strong anti-interference ability。

●The program is easy to set and change, easy to master, and reusable。

●Simple installation, convenient maintenance, short period of design, construction and debugging。

●More trustworthiness for the harsh environment of the factory。

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