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TASVC Reactive compensation cabinet

Product Description: TASVC reactive compensation cabinet is made up of capacitors and various reactance components in parallel to the system and supplies or absorbs reactive power from the system. It is widely used in manufacturing, metallurgy, chemical industry, petrochemical, electric power, automobile and so on. Shunt capacitors are used for reactive power compensation of continuously running asynchronous motors and inductive loads. Reduce the loss of power supply transformers and transmission lines, provide power supply efficiency, and improve the power supply environment. The TASVC low voltage reactive power compensation cabinet is in line with the national standard of GB7251 "low voltage switchgear and control equipment" and GB/T15576 "low voltage complete set of reactive power compensation devices".

◇Main Features:

●TASVC series low voltage reactive power compensation cabinet can realize three phase and single-phase combination compensation. Capacitor switching elements can be divided into contactor, semiconductor electronic switch or composite switch, and cabinet body is closed structure。

●The response is prompt, the compensation effect is good, the work is reliable, and the leakage protector can be put into the demand according to the user's demand。

●Protection function: overvoltage, overload, undervoltage, undercurrent, short circuit and so on。

●It has two working modes of automatic operation and manual operation, which can increase the power factor of power grid by more than 0.95。

◇Technical Parameter

 Serial number



Numerical Value


Rated working voltage




Rated insulation voltage




Rated frequency




Compensation capacity




Compensation method

Combination of three phase and single phase


Shell protection grade




Electrical gap


≥ 10


Creeping distance




Overvoltage category



Class of pollution




◇Product size:









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